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Bergrheinfeld West – GE

Bergrheinfeld West – GE

Main responsibilities included (but not limited to) define project planning concept, implementing integrated planing databases, defining WBS and EPS.

Establishing access rights for users

Defining KPI, progress physical measuring, project reporting internal and external.
Main áreas of projects: Synchronous condensers, boiler retrofits, power train retrofits, Gas combined cycles, coal/fuel fired boilers, etc.

One of the projects completed successfully during this period was the Bergrheinfeld West.
The main challenge during the planning phase was setting up the database structure to suite the needs of the contract partners distributed by several countries. By establishing a common and unique project database the project integrated planning was ensured and the necessary coordination was granted during the entire life time of the project.

Like all projects also this one came to an end. The good relations developed during sometime make dificult to say goodbye and this timne was no exception. and I have to thank to a nice greate and extremely professional team, that largely contributed to the success of the project and to the astonishing friendly enviroment I had the pleasure to be part of.

From GE I got the reward in format of a recomendation letter (se extract below). Results like this show that professionalism, knowledge and correctness allways pays. GE in fact was one more client pleased with the results achieved. Thank you very much to all team members

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